1505, 2018

Disaster in Texas 08

As so many of us worldwide keep our hearts focused on Texas, please join us in praying for the safety and welfare of every one [...]

1505, 2018

Global Thoughts

Puerto Rican debt was 80¢ on the dollar in 2015 and dropping towards 60¢ in 2016. Hurricane Maria has tanked values further as large investors [...]

Core Capital

Core Capital was founded by David Lynch and Ron Yair in 2009 as a specialty investment company offering customized, structured finance solutions for growth capital, working capital, capital for acquisitions, project finance and other complex finance opportunities.

Our Focus

We focus on companies facing complex and challenging situations that are difficult for a traditional capital provider to address, typically due to credit, asset complexity or timing issues. We operate where the expertise and experience in structuring, executing and providing capital to traditional and non-traditional companies is highly valued.

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